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LHCC has teamed up with Clario Medical to bring zVision to Canada. We chose Clario Medical because of their excellent references and their dedicated professional team. zVision is a tightly integrated companion workflow solution for Fluency for Imaging and Speech for Radiology.

Achieve practice agility with zVision's unified worklist:

  1. Display all practice exams on a single worklist.
  2. Launch your choice of PACS viewers, voice recognition systems and clinical applications.
  3. Create customized worklists​, ordered and sorted according to your reading priority.
  4. Worklist columns that show SLA time remaining and subspecialty.

Streamline your workflow using zVision's extensive toolset:

  1. DICOM Toolset. Better manage your data and workflow with a diverse set of DICOM tools to automatically route exams and priors and tools to manually route to your preferred viewer.
  2. Master Patient Index (MPI). Automatically merge patient data (including prior exams) from disparate information systems into a single patient index for quick and easy access.
  3. Automated Exam Assignment. Load-balanced, intelligent exam assignment that maximizes use of "ownership" of exams by radiologists and maximizes use of subspecialists

Increase productivity with zVision's integrated tools for non-reading tasks:

  1. Critical Test Result Management. Track all communications including critical results and standard call reports. Easily meet JCAHO standards with real-time metrics and reporting.
  2. Peer Review. Single or double-blinded peer review is seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Peer review escalation and arbitration are included, along with reporting and uploading to eRADPEER™.
  3. Follow-up. Flag exams for follow-up and generate alerts when follow-up activity is due.
  4. ED Preliminary Reports and Discrepancy Tracking. Efficiently track ED preliminary reports and provide immediate feedback of discrepant findings.
  5. Teaching Files/Conference/Tumor Board. Flag exams with notes for teaching, research, tumor board, or any number of customized tags.

Market your practice with zVision's embedded CRM tools:

  1. Manage your customer contacts and referring physician contact information.
  2. Retrieve customer information when it is most important – when radiologists are reading exams.
  3. Integrate detailed contact information into the radiologist's worklist.​
  4. Capture notes and comments related to site feedback and even preferences of individual radiologists.

Manage and communicate your physician's schedules with zVision:

  1. More powerful analytics. Measure radiologist productivity in order to more effectively schedule coverage and shifts. Shift changes and staffing decisions can be made using data instead of instinct.
  2. Easier access to schedules. Display radiologists' schedules when they are are published, integrated into their worklists. Viewing schedules does not require separate login or additional effort.
  3. Shift reminders. Help radiologists keep track of their schedules with shift reminders. Provide radiologists with tools to get important feedback to schedulers.
  4. Schedule non-reading tasks with RVU credits. Radiologists will be reminded of appointments and can even suspend exam assignment right from the reminder.

Support your customers by providing them access to a secure portal:

  1. Connect your customers directly to their results and their radiologists with the Portal's Exam Lists.
  2. Offer communication services to your customers using zVision's Chat and Messaging.
  3. Provide an interface for manual Order Entry, Editing and File Upload.
  4. Post your radiology Schedule and Directory so your customers know when and how to reach you.

Visualize and monitor practice statistics with zVision's Analytics:

  1. Customize your dashboard for real-time access to metrics.
  2. View up-to-the-minute exam traffic or long-term trends for resource planning.
  3. Track daily exam count and relative value units (RVUs) for productivity measurements.
  4. Measure exam turnaround time by site, modality and radiologist.
  5. Monitor Results Communication turnaround times, Peer Review ratings and ED Prelim discrepancies.
  6. Generate custom reports to get the insights you need, the way you want them.

Contact your Lanier Healthcare Canada sales rep to request more information or to setup a demo.