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Notifi resolves many of the communication challenges both within and outside the walls of the healthcare enterprise. Notifi filters all incoming information to identify what is important, organizes it in a way that is immediately understood, prioritizes delivery based on criticality, distributes it based on receiver preferences and validates receipt of the information when required.

Critical Test Results Management (CTRM)

Notifi can be applied to a variety of communication workflows, and one of the first workflows most sites consider is the management of critical test results communications (CTRM).

The alerting process starts when Notifi receives information about the presence of a abnormal or critical test result. In Diagnostic Radiology for example, the process starts when the interpreting clinician completes the study and finalizes the report. There is no need for any extra effort or special process. Radiologists follow their existing workflow and data capture process (dictation, speech recognition, etc.).

Notifi "reads" the text result and understands the presence of an abnormal or critical value. In clinical lab, the trigger event is data contained in the HL7 feed received from either the (Laboratory Information System) LIS, Lab middleware or via the interface engine.

Acknowledged Alert Worklist - Ordering Doctor information not found in Notifi database. Escalated through to backup contact in department.
Open Alert Worklist - Radiology Significant Result. No Acknowledgement required.
Lab Critical Result Acknowledged AlertAlert generated based upon Result Finding Indicator.

Notifi for Appointment Reminders

A critical factor for hospitals, imaging centers and other healthcare organizations working under tight operating margins is the problem of "No Shows" for scheduled appointments. Missed appointments lower operating margins by increasing the marginal use cost of equipment and resources that are not working at their full potential. No show rates vary but are typically in the 15 – 40% range depending on patient populations and competition.

The answer is to automate outreach to patient using Notifi Appointment Reminders. Notifi completely automates the notification process and supports telephony based calling as well as text message and emailing.

Since templates are as specific as each procedure, reminder content can even include procedure specific prep instructions.

Critical Event Notifications

Patient events alerts such as ED or Inpatient admissions/discharges can be automatically sent to the patient's PCP.

Coordinating care between those actions that occurred during an acute care stay or ED visit and those activities which are managed in a physician's office, rehab hospital or Nursing Home is critical to improving a patient's health and to reducing overall healthcare costs. This coordination has become even more paramount as CMS moves to penalizing hospitals for avoidable readmissions. The reality is however, the process of communicating care decisions during a hospital stay doesn't always get communicated out to the primary care physician or specialists seen by that same patient outside of the hospital stay.

Notifi Critical Event Notification solution alerts community partners in the continuum of care of critical patient events within the hospital. Critical patient events may include admission to the emergency department, discharge from the emergency department, admission to the hospitalist service, and discharge from the hospitalist service.

Surveys & Patient Follow-ups

Changing reimbursement based on patient satisfaction scores Penalties for avoidable readmissions Decreasing bed census

Hospitals are faced with radical changes to their operations and financial survival. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the days of a hospital's responsibility ending when they discharge a patient are over. Starting in October 2012, hospitals will be responsible for what happens to Medicare patients after discharge, particularly if they are readmitted within a month.

HIT Application Solutions' Notifi Survey is the solution. Notifi Survey can automatically follow up with every discharged patient to:

  • Ensure discharge instructions are understood and being followed
  • The patient has scheduled a follow up appointment with their PCP or Specialist
  • Confirm that discharge prescriptions have been picked up, are being utilized and that there are no adverse reactions
  • Assess the patient's general state of health and determine if there are potential post discharge complications
  • Prescreen the patient's level of satisfaction by asking many of the questions in the HCAHPS survey. (See Resources below)

Notifi for Broadcast Communications

Reaching an individual, whether they are a nurse, a doctor, a therapist or an employee is fairly straight-forward. However, what if you are trying to reach a group of people and need to do it as quickly as possible? How do you keep track of their responses? How often do you try to reach them if their phone is busy or they don't answer? How can you do all this without disrupting everything else you need to do today?

The answer is Notifi Broadcasting. Notifi Intelligent Communication Engine can be used to create one time or recurring messages out to targeted groups. The content of the message is entirely definable. Notifi knows the preferred communication device of each recipient (e.g. cell, smart phone, SMS text, email, phone call, fax, etc.).


Healthcare decisions are not always made in a doctor's office, OR or at the patient's bedside. Physicians are constantly on the go between office time, hospitals rounds, travel time or time away from the hospital. The Notifi system enables communication of critical information to these physicians using smart phone and mobile technologies.

Most important is segregating and prioritizing important clinical information from all of the other data received on a person's smart phone. MyNotifi is a smart phone application (iPhone and Android) that enables receipt, organization, segregation and prioritization of any clinical alerts and/or notifications sent from the hospital. MyNotifi enables the recipient physician to immediate see and respond to critical patient information.

MyNotifi is an intuitive tool to facilitate clinical decision making. It clearly displays any critical test results sent to the physician for acknowledgment. Optionally, it can also display other non-critical test results such as stat tests with normal results that don't require acknowledgement but are still time sensitive. Additionally, MyNotifi can show critical event such as ED or inpatient admissions or discharges and/or upcoming scheduled appointments for his/her patients. Based on user definable configuration, MyNotifi can also display a medical staff contact directory to facilitate easy speed dialing or emailing to other physicians. For organizations with fluid or dynamic associations between physicians and patients (e.g. Hospitalists, Resident, etc.), MyNotifi supports dynamic location assignment so critical test results can always be sent to the appropriate care team members.

Notifi Implementations

In this day of age with multi-million dollar, multi-year EMR/CPOE implementations, it is refreshing to find a product that achieves so much with so little effort. There are severe limitations on hospital resources these days …especially within IT departments who face enormous challenges working to achieve Meaningful Use certification and planning on a near future conversion of systems to support ICD-10. Because of this reality, HIT created an implementation process that achieves end user value in less than three months. For organizations looking to get some immediate successes which demonstrate real value to the clinical community, Notifi may be the answer.

Notifi can be installed as a single departmental solution in 40 – 60 days or enterprise wide in as little as 90 days. The resource requirements for a typical departmental implementation are listed on the right.

Note that a customer's IT requirement is less than 33 hours!

The implementation of Notifi starts with a comprehensive planning process which defines the organization's requirements, establishes joint team (HIT and Client) responsibilities and creates an overall roadmap for success. Building on HIT Application Solutions' long history of a consulting services firm, we understand the critical elements of success and focus on those tasks achieving the greatest result with the smallest amount of risk and disruption to the organization.


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