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Designed for Fluency for Imaging

LHCC Connect

Designed for SpeechQ for Radiology

Streamline your Diagnostic Reporting experience

ConnectFI and LHCC Connect have been designed to enable your advanced Radiology workflow. This desktop integration layer provides 2 way communications between PACS/RIS and Fluency for Imaging or SpeechQ for Radiology to minimize the number of mouse clicks Radiologists need to perform in between reports. It provides advanced functions such as Auto Login and Logoff, Patient/Exam Context Synchronization (based on the active image(s), the correct template and associated macros are automatically opened up ready for reporting to begin), PACS Reverse Image Lookup (commonly used in the Resident/Attending workflow), Interrupted workflow, and PACS Exam Status updates.

With ConnectFI and LHCC Connect our team can provide integration catered to meet your specific needs.