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Fusion Atom

Atom Dictation Management System

Harness this workflow solution to automate your tasks from dictation to transcription. While working smarter, you will save valuable time to gain the edge you need to excel in your field. In law offices, medical facilities, or anywhere dictation is essential to communicate, the Atom Dictation™ system provides easy-to-use applications that are flexible and customizable to your needs. Use your existing network, the Internet and your PC workstations to integrate this stable and scalable solution into your infrastructure. Atom is designed with your work in mind.

Simple Dictation

With flexible recording options, you can work from anywhere, any time you need to.

Atom supports telephone dictation, portable recorder dictation and dictation to your PC workstation. Pick the solution that best suits your work or support all three in the same system.

An array of microphones, portable recorders and other dictation accessories are available for your Atom software.

Expert Workflow

Managers appreciate the intuitive software that defines how dictation tasks are assigned and in what order. Find, listen, and report on every dictation from its creation to transcription.

Flexible Transcription

Based upon your workflow, Atom will distribute untyped dictations to the typists you defined. Set it up, and let Atom work for you in managing transcription priorities.

Using software for the PC, with a foot pedal and headset, the typist can listen to the dictations from any network or Internet connected PC using professionals tools such as volume, tone and speed controls.

Affordable Licensing & Technically Sound

The Atom dictation solution is the best value compared to the competition. Packed with powerful features and flexible deployment, the low price delivers high functionality.

With the unique concurrent licensing of Atom, install the dictation and transcription applications wherever you need them. License only a number of simultaneous users who will use it. Now you can deploy your new solution to extend its availability to everyone in your organization.

Atom incorporates the latest in technology to provide you with a solution that will last long into the future. Atom uses an SQL database, is Windows compatible, and has low PC requirements which means it is adaptable to all common network environments. If you wish, harness the Internet to connect your workers with simple point-and-click setup. Our built-in HIPAA/PIPEDA supportive security features keep your data safe.