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Fluency Insights

Fluency for Transcription with Document Insights

Document Insights is your window into the Fluency platform and has been created to help you gain important Insights into the vast amounts of narrative documentation. It identifies document deficiencies and gaps, pin pointing it down to the exact spot in the document where the issue occurred. The results are summarized, ordered and organized into dashboards that provide at-a-glance insights into documentation quality. With Document Insights you can perform advanced, ad hoc searches across all of your systems so you can ask the right questions to quickly find the information you need. This will help easily pinpoint, track and analyze areas for documentation improvement as well as prioritize HIM resources.

With Fluency, all documentation flowing through our platform is codified real time as SNOWMED CT, RADLEX, and LOINC ontologies and stored as a CDA Level 3 structured data.

With Insights, you can run population studies to determine trends and opportunities to take healthcare to another level.

You are not limited to the built in searches. Insight parameters are custom configured just for your organization to ensure all of your needs are fully met.

Document Insights empowers stakeholders in your organization—from HIM directors and CDI specialists to physicians and nurses—by providing enterprise-wide access to all sources of documentation and significantly enhanced visibility.

With Fluency, you are always in control.