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Fluency for Imaging Peer Review

By integrating Peer Review with the reporting workflow, we help you stay compliant while minimizing your review time.

With Fluency for Imaging, our Peer Review is seamlessly integrated into your normal reporting workflow. Based on your guidelines and requirements, Radiologists are randomly prompted to review selected exams representative of the work of each physician's specialty. Radiologists can also be randomly prompted to review a selected relevant prior report. The selection of prior reports is based on matching a relevant prior report, scored on the degree of relevance regarding modality and/or match of body parts, to the selected unread exam.

M*Modal's Peer Review is compliant with the current guidelines for peer review as defined by the American College of Radiology (ACR). 

The Fluency for Imaging Peer Review offers a fully customizable scoring model which includes, rating, clinical significance, and categorization. Evaluation and arbitration process in which unfavorable scores are first evaluated for agreement. If there is disagreement, the peer review is arbitrated by the peer review administrator or committee. Summary statistics and comparisons are generated for each physician by various parameters such as modality, facility, etc.