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Fluency for Imaging™

Find Your Voice – By Achieving Quality and Efficiency in Reporting.

Patient care today requires an imaging solution that enables information distribution at every phase of the care cycle and delivers measurable improvements in efficiency, quality of care, and patient outcomes.

Fluency for Imaging is that solution.

Fluency for Imaging is a comprehensive radiology reporting and workflow management solution that redefines communication and collaboration. Combining our advanced cloud hosted speech understanding platform, it gives you anytime, anywhere access and significantly reduces costs and implementation time. These factors results in faster creation and turnaround of diagnostic imaging interpretations. The solution provides the information-based, real-time feedback radiologists need to prevent document deficiencies at the time of report creation.  Physician dictation is transformed into electronic documents that are structured, clinically encoded, searchable and shareable.

M*Modal is a leading provider of clinical narrative capture services, Speech Understanding™ technology and clinical documentation workflow. M*Modal's enterprise solutions – including mobile voice capture devices, speech recognition, Natural Language Understanding, web-based workflow platforms and global network of medical editors – help healthcare facilities facilitate adoption of electronic health records (EHR), transition to ICD-10, improve patient care, increase physician satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Fluency for Imaging uses the Speech Understanding™ technology which combines advanced speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies to help physicians create higher quality, meaningful documents direct from narrative dictation. The output is both text and structured, encoded clinical documents that enable data exchange, analysis and required reporting.

Fluency for Imaging provides:

The benefits of Fluency for Imaging include the following:

Embedded M*Modal Speech Understanding

Once the gold standard, conventional speech recognition is no longer sufficient for today's clinical documentation challenges. That's why we created a more intelligent alternative. M*Modal's advanced speech technology transcends simple health speech recognition to achieve true medical Speech Understanding™. Developed over a decade ago and refined through steady technological advancement and the accumulated experience of 200,000 physicians, M*Modal Speech Understanding™ technology is much more than automating voice-to-text, and more than just a widget for the EHR. It allows physicians to:

On a single platform, Speech Understanding™ combines two native technologies delivered in the Cloud: speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Speech Understanding™ exploits synergies between those two technologies working in tandem on the voice file. In one unified process. In real-time.

Unlike simple speech recognition, Speech Understanding™ also recognizes the meaning and syntax of the dictation, not just the individual words or word strings. With M*Modal's speech engine having the benefit of the contextual understanding of a document's meaning, physicians can dictate in a normal, "conversational" mode without needing to follow particular speech structures or provide verbal cues to the engine.

From this richer context we can glean medical concepts and detect the report type or sections referenced in the dialogue. Therefore, doctors don't have to call out specific terms to alert the speech engine.