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Fluency Discovery

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Fluency Discovery with Imaging.
Maximize The Performance of Your Imaging Department.

Fluency Discovery with Imaging is a unique system designed to identify, monitor and manage documentation deficiencies and patient information.

Our solution not only accesses information from narrative radiology reports but also from other data sources such as health records and lab results.  It is designed to help you extract, identify, and sort the information you need–only what you need, and when you need it. And it does so easily, quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently. Fluency Discovery with Imaging combines and uses information from prior documentation to deliver a robust set of decision-support capabilities which help to improve patient outcomes.

Designed specifically for imaging workflows, Fluency Discovery with Imaging supports everyone from radiologists to administrators and quality analysts. It empowers hospitals and large clinical settings by:

Access the information that lies hidden in patient narratives and aggregate data from multiple sources with Fluency Discovery with Imaging. Provide noticeably improved levels of service and profitability while replacing labor-intensive, error-prone processes that are a drain on your efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Fluency Discovery is designed to work with other Fluency clients to put your organization on the fast track to improved organizational efficiency, documentation and reporting. It will identify and elect procedures that positively affect patient outcomes, tap into the vast resource of inaccessible information that lies latent in patient narratives, and help you improve your levels of Service.

MModal Catalyst for Radiology's Patient Summary

Improve the quality of your reports. M*Modal Fluency Discovery offers physicians and radiologists the feedback needed to create complete reports, right from the start – strengthening compliance and improving their experience. It also supports insightful, evidence-based radiological decision making in hospitals and large clinical settings. M*Modal Fluency Discovery both identifies and applies the added meaning that usually remains inaccessible within patient narrative. Take advantage of both real-time and retrospective views. Monitor positive or negative compliance, and examine trends. Compliance support ranges from clinical (e.g., quality measures) to procedural (e.g., consent for interventional radiology) issues.

At the point of dictation, Fluency for Imaging with CAPD can provide Real Time feedback to the Radiologist to ensure the highest quality of the content of each report. Additionally, it provides a longitudinal view to quickly expose all the "hidden" meaning locked in patient priors – without having to read the full reports.

Monitor Critical Findings and Quality of Care. Unlock valuable insights that are inaccessible in the narrative to help your imaging organization better detect critical findings, perform needed peer reviews and create better reports. Look at the big picture and then drill into specific cases as needed. For example, you can very quickly identify cases where radiologists suggested follow-up radiographs and then investigate why they were ordered to see how to avoid unnecessary exposures.

Research. Identify Patients or Documents Associated with Clinical Concepts. Experience the speed with which populations can be readily identified for research purposes or for compliance with value-based initiatives.