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Fluency Direct™

Introducing the New Fluency Direct - Redefining Clinical Documentation With Real-Time Physician Feedback

Our cutting-edge, cloud-based speech recognition engine now closes the documentation loop, right in the application.

Embrace The Patient Story From The Word "Go".

Fluency Direct is a next-generation speech recognition solution that enables physicians of any medical specialty to conversationally create, review, edit and sign clinical notes directly within EHR templates. Now, Fluency Direct delivers content-based, clinically-driven feedback at the time of report creation with its new Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) functionality.

Use the power of Speech Understanding™– the intelligent approach to fully leveraging the physician's narrative. Fluency Direct is a smarter cloud-based, front-end speech platform that will help ease the EHR transition, apply CDI strategies at document creation, and give time back to your doctors so they can focus on their patients, and not extra documentation.

M*Modal Fluency Direct speech-enables EHR/EMR systems and other clinical systems. Caregivers use voice to navigate their desktop clinical applications and dictate narrative reports directly within those systems. Capturing spoken dictation and turning it into both unstructured text and structured data in the EHR with M*Modal Fluency Direct is a high-accuracy, "once and done" Speech Understanding™ solution.

Fluency Direct has been proven to reduce your IT resources required to support your transition to front end speech compared to another leading speech recognition vendor.