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Philips launches digital Conference Recording System 955

January 30, 2008

Atlanta, GA - Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) today announced the launch of the Digital Conference Recording System 955, an out-of-the-box solution designed to record meetings and conferences of any size with exceptional sound quality.

The Conference Recording System 955 contains newly-designed companion Philips Boundary Conference Microphones and a remote control that allows the system to be used in small conference settings, as well as large settings such as press conferences or company meetings -- simply by adding additional microphones. The system also includes a special edition of the Philips Digital Pocket Memo, a handheld portable recorder equipped with two-channel audio encoding. The entire system is packaged in a metal carrying case for portability and quick set-up.

The Philips Boundary Conference Microphone design recently received the International Forum (IF) Product Design Award 2008 for its unique appearance and innovative functionality. The microphones use the acoustic pressure of the table surface and a special rubber lamination to minimize vibrations and filter extraneous noise. In addition, the new design allows sound pick-up from a 360-degree radius.

The Digital Pocket Memos are designed to use interchangeable Secure Digital (SD)/Multimedia cards, giving the Conference Recording System 955 almost unlimited recording capacity for longer sessions. A clip-on two-channel stereo microphone transforms the Digital Pocket Memo into a functional stereo-quality interview recorder. When the handheld recorder is connected to the remote control, users can stop and start recording, as well as set index marks so that specific points in the recording can be quickly referenced.

Professional dictation software, Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate, is included. The software allows file routing, editing and archiving of all recordings. For faster file transfer and reduced network traffic, the Conference Recording System 955 can convert files to the industry-standard, compact DSS/DSS2 file encoding format. Users can also choose the MP3 format, which can be easily distributed and played back by conference participants on their computer or MP3 player.

According to Thomas Brauner, CEO of Philips Speech Processing, "The dictation solutions from Philips enable any company to take advantage of digital technology. The Digital Conference System 955 package combines cutting-edge technology with simplicity - one briefcase holds it all. Any organization that has a need for capturing important information will benefit from being able to securely record their meetings in digital format."