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Lanier Healthcare Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership to benefit the Canadian Healthcare system! LHCC has teamed up with Health Information Technology Applications Services, HIT, to bring Critical Tests Results Management, CTRM, to Canada.

HIT's innovative solution, NotifiCTRM, brings the timely communication of any critical result to the clinician, the instant it is available. This web based tool, puts the power of information back in the hands of the clinician as it delivers critical findings to caregivers through a sophisticated and elegant user interface to various devices, including smart phone, voice mail, e-mail, to name a few.

In fact, NotifiCTRM stays on the job until the information is acted upon, ensuring the ultimate in patient care is achieved. NotifiCTRM is guaranteed to:

Improve Patient Safety

Increases Physician Satisfaction

System Management

Enhances Organizational Effectiveness