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Lanier develops Interview Media Assistant or LIMA


LHCC LIMAWe are extremely pleased to launch a new product for Lanier Healthcare Canada called Lanier Interview Media Assistant or LIMA for short. Its primary purpose is to provide the functionality and workflow to transcribe video and audio from a variety of sources. In addition, it can work with an existing VXP or Fusion Voice solution to send the voice only version of the interview to be transcribed through VXP or Fusion Player. The transcription activity is logged for later reference.

While LIMA was specifically developed for the Police Services market, it can provide a solution for any customer with a requirement to transcribe or play video and audio files using a foot control. This includes smaller transcription services companies, broadcasting for video interviews, court reporters for arbitration hearings, teaching environments, and even musicians.

Customers that have an existing VXP or Fusion Voice solution, can add LIMA to their solution and continue use their Players to transcribe the interview without video. This model creates a reporting environment for all transcription to be done through the central dictation solution.

LIMA Feature Set

  • Overall

  • Support USB Foot control
  • Screen usage optimization - determine what windows are visible
  • Bookmarking with ON-THE-FLY description
  • Video Transcription

  • Video Playback (supporting most video formats)
  • Video Zoom Capabilities
  • Video Pan Capabilities
  • Can be used with 3rd party video recording solutions
  • Ability to extract audio and send it to Fusion and VXP dictation systems
  • Audio Transcription

  • Audio Playback (supporting most common audio formats)
  • Displays Audio Graphics (can easily go to where the interview begins)
  • Ability to send audio to dictation system
  • Can be used with 3rd party Audio recording solutions
  • Management

  • Audit Log
  • Concurrent Licensing
  • Security - user accounts and password
  • Physical Media Location Tracking
  • Web Administration Client
  • Customization of fields and labels
  • Made in Canada