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Canadian Police Departments are saving time & money


The Fusion Voice Solution

Freeing officer time to spend more time on the street instead of writing reports was essential for maintaining the department's community policing efforts.

Fusion Voice Interaction

Dictate anywhere

Wide range of non-proprietary industry standard input options supported including:

Transcribe anywhere

Report confidentiality

Spread the workload

Meet your IT requirements

Optional speech recognition

Bottom Line Results

Lower costs, raise efficiency Identify bottlenecks, streamline your transcription effort and control your expenditure.

Better workflow management Monitor and improve workflow and make better use of your resources - from within a branch or remotely.

Improve service levels Improve the accuracy of your reports, dramatically reduce turnaround time and increase your output.

Reduce stress Improve the workflow of your organization, provide flexible working practices and be an organization which considers quality of life to be important.

Return on investment, fast Increased transcription productivity, improved document turnaround time, shared hardware across multiple law enforcement agencies, decreased courier costs, enhanced employee satisfaction levels.

Case Study: Improving Overall Law Enforcement Reporting Efficiency

The accurate recording of information is a vital part of police work. Police reports are a method of passing on information and creating a permanent record of incidents dealt with by the Police. Police Reports are used as a source of internal information for many different departments such as; investigators, special units, court services, inquest and civil hearings. Therefore, reports need to be as accurate and detailed-orientated as possible.

Many Law Enforcement agencies have their officers type their own reports "officer entry" into their Crimes Reporting Software: Delays at writing those reports, potentially increases the risk for officers and/or investigators to leaving out Important & Key Information. The original meaning conveyed by the author could then be misinterpreted. Misconstrued and incomplete reports are counterproductive for the department, since poorly written reports cannot be submitted to court.

Likewise, the legal and medical industry produces one of the largest volumes of reports daily. However, for over two decades, they alternatively have been voice dictating their reports "voice entry" as a more economical and productive reporting methodology. Report dictation is quicker and takes only 12-15 minutes to dictate a report compared to an hour of officer entry. Trained clerical personnel get immediate access at transcribing the dictated reports into the Crimes Reporting Software: Providing the opportunity for the officers to do other police duties.

The preferred dictation methodology among our law enforcement accounts is the flexibility for reporting via telephone. An officer dials into the digital recording system; after entering their authenticated user number and password, a report is generated. The officer is then prompted by the system to fill out certain requests regarding the incident. Each report is categorized in accordance to its priority and more serious reports are weighted higher. Transcriptionists are instructed to complete those reports with a higher incident number. The priority codes will enable the information to be available to members of the police force and other applicable agencies (i.e. court).

Lanier has engineered each of its systems with adaptability in mind. These module-based application suites present your agency with fully-developed dictation and transcription solutions that offer portability, flexibility and remote capabilities. From origination to retention and all points in between, Lanier systems can be customized to fit your needs.

Following are many other benefits to central and digital recording besides the speed of entry

Brockville Police

Brockville Police Service

Tom Reil
Technical Services Coordinator

"Making the move to LHCC's Fusion system has proven time and time again that technology in its simplest form can enhance existing business practices. No stranger to electronic dictation systems, we have found the LHCC Fusion system to be easy to use, producing tangible benefits quickly. Our transition from our old digital handheld recorder based system to an easy to use telephone interface for our officers, along with an intuitive workflow system for our transcriptionists was far easier than anticipated. The deployment team from Lanier was professional, thorough and quick to get the job done. Our officers are no longer fighting over digital recorders and can dictate anywhere they have access to a phone, enabling them to get their job done quickly.

With the Lanier solution in place our officer's are able to spend more time in the community and less time working through paperwork back at the station. This was definitely a positive project for all involved".

Brantford Police

Brantford Police Service

Cathy Drinkwater
IC Records

The Brantford Police Service has recognized a huge time management savings by having our officers use the fusion dictation system. Using the example of an impaired driving arrest normally with all the handwritten paperwork that the arresting officer must submit, our Service was able to cut back two hours of the members time that would normally have been dedicated to paperwork simply by utilizing dictation. Although this all attributes to soft dollars savings, we truly recognize the importance of putting our Police officers back on the street quickly rather the having them consumed by paperwork. Working with LANIER since 1995 has definitely enabled our Police Service to move forward and have our reports completed in a timely fashion with a high accuracy rate in data entry.

Saint-John City Police Department

Saint-John City Police Department

Gary McFaddyen, Informatics Manager, Saint-John, NB, Canada
Lesa Smart, Information Services Coordinator

"Initially we considered having the officers type their reports from a PC or their cruiser laptop computers, but idea was dismissed due to concerns about officer safety, privacy and the issue of comfort."

"The police force was looking for a system to allow faster and easier reporting. A system that would be cost efficient and above all, be user friendly. Lanier's VXP solution contained all the features we were looking for. Plus they provided references to other police agencies, and the feedback from these references was also positive."

"Since the inception of our first digital recording system in 1998 approximately 95% of our patrol officers are using the dictation system. Our current policy is to maintain reports turnaround time of less than 96 hours."

- Gary McFaddyen

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The digital recording system is quicker and takes only twelve to fifteen minutes to dictate a report compared to an hour of officer entry. The VXP system has allowed our staff of transcriptionists, to maintain a very rapid report turnaround time. Some of the features we have benefited from are:

1. Digital recording allows officers to spend more time patrolling and conducting investigations.
2. The ability to see reports that need to be transcribed in priority order.
3. The ability to view the report status.
4. The ability to generate reports.

"Lanier's system implementation, training and overall support experience was excellent. We cannot imagine going back to officers typing their own reports."

- Lesa Smart