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Introducing Fluency for Imaging


LHCC is pleased to announce the release of Fluency for Imaging™ from M*Modal.

The M*Modal Fluency for Imaging™ Reporting technology platform provides Radiologists and clinicians increased productivity and efficiency, combining Speech Understanding technology, structured reporting, and workflow management for fast and accurate diagnostic interpretations.

M*Modal's Fluency for Imaging Reporting combines three solutions into one comprehensive platform - Speech Understanding technology with real-time prompts, unified worklists and departmental business analytics – to measurably improve multimedia reporting and workflow management for fast and accurate diagnostic interpretations.

M*Modal is a leading provider of clinical narrative capture services, Speech Understanding™ technology and clinical documentation workflow. M*Modal's enterprise solutions – including mobile voice capture devices, speech recognition, Natural Language Understanding, web-based workflow platforms and global network of medical editors – help healthcare facilities facilitate adoption of electronic health records (EHR), transition to ICD-10, improve patient care, increase physician satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Fluency for Imaging uses the Speech Understanding™ technology which combines advanced speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies to help physicians create higher quality, meaningful documents direct from narrative dictation. The output is both text and structured, encoded clinical documents that enable data exchange, analysis and required reporting.

Additional capabilities include:

Benefits of Fluency for Imaging include:

Integrated modules available with Fluency for Imaging:

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