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Transcription Services

Lanier Healthcare Canada offers you a better solution:

Transcription Outsourcing
These days, the transcription process represents one of the most frustrating and time consuming issues for any healthcare organization. Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified transcriptionists directly impacts your reimbursement cycle. In addition, personnel costs and document demands are constantly increasing, leaving you with a need for a better transcription solution.

Lanier Healthcare Canada offers clients low cost, tailored transcription outsource services that meet organization-wide or departmental needs. Lanier Healthcare Canada's transcription platform and flexible dictation solutions give clients easy access to advanced technology and the confidence that medical reports will be completed quickly and accurately. Lanier knows clients need fast turnaround times but do not want to compromise accuracy. Transcription outsourcing delivers on both, exceeding customer expectations for timely turnaround of medical reports and exceptional quality.

Cost Containment
Outsourcing services will result in reducing hospital overhead as well as administrative costs and burdens. Transcriptionists can work anywhere without sacrificing job routing, quality assurance and workflow auditing. Lanier Healthcare Canada's outsourcing helps you:

Lanier Healthcare Canada employs advanced technology that exceeds customer expectations and improves patient care.

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