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What Our Customers Say

London Health Sciences Centre

London Health Sciences Centre

Kristin Sclisizzi,
Clinical Team Lead - Speech Recognition Project

To Lanier Health Care Canada,

This letter is to acknowledge the exemplary service that we, at Regional Shared Services, London Health Sciences Centre, have received from Josephine Beauregard.

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The Regional Shared Services Speech Recognition Project involves 17 hospital sites in and around London, Ontario. This implementation includes more than 120 users. Throughout this implementation, Jo has been the lead trainer from LHCC.

Her expertise with adult learning principles and practices has been a benefit to many different groups of people throughout the project. She knows how to react to a user, and modify her teaching techniques accordingly.

While Jo is light-hearted and a delight to work with, she shows professionalism in the midst of stressful situations. She's not afraid to admit that she doesn't always have the answers, but she is certain to find them and follow up with all users.

The experience that Jo brings from her other Speech Recognition implementations is very helpful. As lead trainer on this project, her knowledge of other hospital systems has been a valuable asset. We have been able to lean on her for advice and suggestions about situations she has encountered at other sites. This has been very advantageous and has helped ensure the success of the project.

Finally, many of the physicians, administrators, and editors involved in our implementation have commented to me directly about the knowledge, patience, and experience she brings to the group. It has been a pleasure having her on our team.

Community Integration Health Services - Vernon Mental Health & Substance Use

Vernon Mental Health & Substance Use

Natalie Kirkwood,
Administrative Services Supervisor

Good Afternoon,

I am writing on behalf of myself and the staff I supervise on the excellent help we have received from Brock Stone. In March of this year we started a transcription process for two of our six psychiatrists to try to alleviate the backlog in the transcription office at our hospital. We were first put in touch with Brent Bellamy who advised us of the process to get the software installed along with out Interior Health I.T. department.

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Brent was instrumental on getting us what we needed in order to kick start the process. Brent then put us in touch with Brock Stone who came out to train myself, one of our Admin Staff and the two Psychiatrists on how to use the dictation equipment. Brock set our Psychiatrists and our Admin Staff up with the required id's and site numbers as well as providing manuals for the programs. The trouble shooting and continuing support has been amazing and has continued from the initial contact. Brock will either help out right away by phone or email or guide us to whom we need to speak to. It took us over a year to get the proper program finally in place (other transcription programs were being looked at by our company) and we have received incredible support from Brock once Lanier was installed. The transcription process will continue and will hopefully be extended to our other Psychiatrists.

Interior Health Authority

Interior Health Authority

John Geistlinger,
IMIT Project Manager

Hi Jan and team,

I wanted to express my thanks for the relationship that Lanier Healthcare Canada has forged with Interior Health. Over the past two years I have had the privilege of working closely with several employees of LHCC as we completed two large scale dictation projects. Throughout both projects we have felt well supported and have overcome many technical challenges. The healthcare industry is fast paced and unforgiving at the best of times, yet your team always took stock of every challenging situation as it presented itself and forged ahead with expertise and professionalism.

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In total, 11 sites were successfully updated to the Dolbey Fusion digital dictation system affecting over 1500 physicians and over 200 health record staff replacing an aging though tried and true infrastructure. This "backbone" dictation system has proven to be robust and scalable and has provided us with a platform that we can continue to build on. Quickly following this implementation we worked with your team to implement the M*Modal SpeechQ voice recognition project in our 7 Radiology sites across Interior Health. Being the first voice recognition implementation of its size in western Canada, a number of individuals were apprehensive about the success of this product; however, with a robust and intuitive product and the enthusiasm and experience that LHCC brought we have successfully deployed this system throughout our organization. To date we have rolled the system out to 100% of our more than 40 Radiologists and have a sustained average of nearly 75% of Radiology reports never needing transcription effort. This has significantly decreased the amount of wait time for the availability of Radiology reports significantly improving workflow and our ability to provide expedient patient care. It has also relieved a significant burden within our transcription services portfolio and allowed us to build capacity and provide a level of service that is commensurate with patient care. This level of success in less than a year was only possible with the consistent leadership, dedication and sometimes heroic efforts and of the LHCC team.

I would like to thank the following individuals specifically, who regularly showed their attention to detail and willingness to serve over the past two years. This is in no specific order as each individual played a significant role in the successes we've experienced at Interior Health.

Randy Schryvers, Jeff Allison, Brent Bellamy, Astrid Jakubovic, Josephine Beauregard, John Kun, Chris Kalnin, Brock Stone, Gord Pickles, and Shirley Maclean.

You have all made a significant contribution to healthcare in our organization and I look forward to working with you in the future, thanks again.

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

Carol Vinthers,
Supervisor, Medical Transcription

Dear Randy:

I am writing today to let you know how much I appreciate the dedication and helpfulness put forth by your service technician, Brian Legge.

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Brian has been our Lanier technician since John moved to a different position which is a few years now. I can't tell you how happy I am that Brian was assigned to our hospital. Brian is not only very competent but always efficient and timely with responding to our needs. He is also very personable and it is a pleasure to work with him when the need arises. No matter how small the request, Brian always takes the time and is very patient when training or even helping me through an isolated issue. Brian is also very pleasant and outgoing with all staff whenever he is on site.

Interaction with our I.T. Department has always been very respectful and Brian works very well with the I. T. staff.

It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with Brian.

Chinook Regional Hospital

Chinook Regional Hospital

Myles Mc Kenna, QA Tech

Dear Mr Schryvers:

I have had the Pleasure of meeting, and working with Jay Jennings, over the last eight months. He has been extremely helpful to me as I have taken on the role of maintaining, and monitoring the Speech Q system installed here at the Chinook Regional Hospital.

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Jay has always responded in a timely manner irregardless of where, or what he is doing. He is always readily available either by Phone, Blackberry, or e-mail, and has always responded to my calls.

He has great insight into the Speech Q software, and will trouble shoot any issue that I am dealing with.

I have nothing, but the utmost regard for him as I have formed a great working relationship with this person.

Humber River Regional Hospital

Humber River Regional Hospital

Rose Figuccio, Medical Imaging Department, Lead Hand Transcription

Dear Randy,

I would like to send a very long overdue letter outlining how pleased I am with the work that Jay Jennings has done for us here at Humber River Regional Hospital over the last year. As you may know when we were in the process of getting the Speech Q, I was not very pleased as I had had many problems with the service with Lanier. I had my doubts that the service would be different upon purchasing the Speech Q.

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I must say that much to my surprise, the service has been fantastic. Jay has been a pleasure to work with, always willing to accommodate us in any way. He goes as far as calling me when he has not heard from me for a while to make sure that everything is ok with us here at HRRH. This is going over and above what is required of him, but in doing this he has restored my faith in the Lanier company. If he is unsure of what the problem is he always turns to his other resources and comes back at me with an answer or solution within a timely fashion.

I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the work that Jay does and it is not often enough that people sings praises. Please let Jay know that he is doing an outstanding job and that we at HRRH thank him very much for that.