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Products and Solutions

Lanier Healthcare Canada is a technology and services solutions company supporting the Canadian market. With Lanier, improved workflow processes and changed management philosophy will transform your reporting practises.

With our solutions, you can put the right tool in your physician's hands without sacrificing quality.

Speech Recognition Solutions

M*ModalLanier's committed partnership with M*Modal is now in its 13th year. The success of the M*Modal technology in Health Records, Diagnostic Imaging, and other hospital departments is remarkable. We have recently expanded M*Modal product line, M*Modal's innovative approach to Creating Insights, Driving Action, and Improving Patient Care just makes sense. For more details...

DolbeyLanier's committed partnership with Dolbey is now in its 9th year. The complete Fusion Solution continues to provide Canadian Hospitals with a successful Speech recognition solution, which is designed for hospital wide usage. The Fusion solution has an unbelievable ROI and the solution will not only pay for itself, but it can in fact provide millions of dollars in savings over a period of 5 years. For more information about a solution that significantly reduces backlog, eliminated the need for outsourcing costs and greatly reduces backlog.

Fusion Suite

Enterprise wide solution for dictation, transcription and speech recognition, designed to meet the needs of the many voices throughout your Health Authority, LHIN or Province.  For more details...

Practice Agility - Dashboarding. Open Web service.

ClarioLanier Healthcare Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership to benefit the Canadian Healthcare system! LHCC has teamed up with Clario Medical to bring zVision to Canada. We chose Clario Medical because of their excellent references and their dedicated professional team.


A very easy to use, highly configurable Search and Management tool.  For more information...

Critical Findings & Communications Engine

Notifi. This innovative solution, NotifiCTRM, brings the timely communication of any critical result to the clinician, the instant it is available.  For more information...

Law Enforcement

Canadian Police Departments are saving time & money.

The Fusion Voice Solution. Freeing officer time to spend more time on the street instead of writing reports was essential for maintaining the department's community policing efforts.  For more information...