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Integration Services

LHCC has extensive integration experience and offers customized Integration Solutions, to maximize efficiencies, maintain data integrity, and ensure the information required for patient care is at the right place and at the right time.

We can integrate with any HL7 based system including:

Physician Workstation Integration

Our solutions are designed to maximize workflow efficiencies for the physician when using front end speech recognition or integrated digital dictation for all your hospital Departments including Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology, OR, and Pathology.

What can workstation integration provide?


We are pleased that zVision, our web based Clinical Workflow module, provides us with additional integration tools. These include:


Iguana Integration Engine

Our Iguana™ HL7 interface engine offers a comprehensive solution to the complex problems of healthcare integration. Iguana's extensive list of features facilitate the seamless mapping of data between databases and application systems without the need for custom programming.

Iguana Integration Engine

Please contact us at 1-866-709-0210 for more information or quotations.

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