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About Us

Lanier Healthcare Canada (LHCC) is a privately held Solutions Company. We have dedicated our efforts in the last 10 years to improving processes and reducing costs.

Lanier provides leading technology for the healthcare industry. Specializing in workflow automation, LHCC simplifies this complex environment by providing innovative solutions that can speech enable the EMR/RIS, distribute critical results, automate worklists, and facilitate quality assurance.

Lanier also provides leading technology for Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies. Specializing in reducing cost and providing additional on duty time for the Officers.

Lanier Healthcare Canada-

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deploy Speech Recognition to improve current processes, ensure a cost recovery model for the solution and save additional future funds, which would have been allocated to reporting and documentation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide solutions for our customers designed to improve Patient Care through the clinical documentation processes, including Speech Understanding and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Speech Recognition will continue to save Hospitals millions of dollars, in addition to improving healthcare by reducing Turn -around -times for reports. NLU will be a crucial component moving forward and is required to transform the clinical documentation process to glean important actionable information out of the vast quantity of reports to help Providers make informed clinical decisions for patients.

HIPAA / PIPEDA Compliance

As a Business Associate, Lanier healthcare provides technical products and services that support its clients' compliance policies and procedures. Although HIPAA / PIPEDA compliance is the responsibility of every healthcare organization, Lanier Healthcare is also dedicated to ensure that its products and services make it easier for them to reach that goal.

Lanier Healthcare implements corporate privacy and security policies and ensures effective corporate-wide privacy and security awareness. We see that current operational and technical business practices ensure the privacy and security of protected health information.

Going forward, Lanier Healthcare will make every reasonable effort to be knowledgeable and responsive regarding any changes in privacy and security rules and to act as a compliant Business Associate. To this end, we will see that all Business Associate Agreements are properly signed and compliant with current law.